Apr 22, 2012

Review: Krispy Kreme - Glazed Lemon Pie

For a limited-time, Krispy Kreme is offering their packaged glazed pies in two seasonal summer flavors: Peach and Lemon. Peach isn't coming till June, but the Glazed Lemon Pie will be arriving on April 24th at participating mass merchants (think Target, Walmart), supermarkets, and convenience stores.

I got to try one early (and for free) courtesy of Krispy Kreme. They're normally $1.09 (suggested retail) for an individual box which is pretty comparable to competing products.

They mailed it to me in a small U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail box (you know the kind Postal Workers toss around like frisbees) and it ended up being slightly crushed but otherwise no worse for the wear. I imagine it's a good thing they come in boxes and not a wax bag.

The Glazed Lemon Pie is a pretty good size at 4 ounces, comes filled with lemon Kreme filling in a familiar pie crust covered with Krispy Kreme's Original Glaze.

The boxes are microwavable and 8-seconds will give you a nicely warmed pie; more than that and you risk a sticky mess of melted glaze and possibly some filling ooze.

The crust is pretty typical for these kinds of pies, non-flaky and mostly meant to keep the filling off your hands. I'd like to see these with more of a drizzle of glaze rather than a full on coat as I find the sweetness a tad excessive.

The lemon filling has a pudding like consistency and a pronounced lemon flavor (courtesy of lemon puree and zest and possibly some artificial flavor) but a more muted sourness (it won't make your face scrunch up but it is sour).

It's a decent find if these kinds of pies are your thing; the box makes it easily portable and are a bit more durable than the typical pouch packaging (though perhaps not mailman-proof).

Nutritional Info - Krispy Kreme Glazed Lemon Pie (113g)
Calories - 410 (from Fat - 160)
Fat - 18g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 400mg
Carbs - 60g (Sugar - 31g)
Protein - 3g

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