Apr 12, 2012

Neat! Coke's "Hug Me" Machine in Singapore

In a bit of neat marketing, Coca-Cola installed a new soda vending machine on the campus of a university in Singapore. It doesn't take coins or any other cash... only hugs!

That's right for public displays of machine love the Coca-Cola "Hug Me" soda machine will gift you with a can of Coca-Cola bubbly. Check it out in action after the jump. Neat!

Would you hug a machine for your soda fix?


  1. Kendall_ann_allenThursday, April 12, 2012

    Yes. Yes, I would.

    But not for Coke. Only Pepsi.

  2.  What Kendall_ann_allen said.  For Pepsi, absolutely.  But not for Coke.

    A Coke machine would have to start spitting out $100 bills for me to be interested.

  3. Cool!!  This looks like it could be NUS where I studied abroad.


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