Apr 8, 2012

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Arabia 2012

This time on What's on the Menu, McDonald's Arabia (covers a bunch of Middle Eastern countries with McDonald's restaurants) is currently running a Tastes of the World promotion. So far they've already served up the Arabian and the Asian and now they're currently out with the Mexican.

The tagline they're using is "It's McDonald's... but a bit [Arabian/Asian/Mexican/whatever-else-they-think-up next]."

Curious to know what exactly makes an Arabian or an Asian? Read on!

Currently on the menu for a limited-time, the Mexican comes with "a chicken piece with crispy lettuce, tangy tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Topped with a spicy salsa and sour cream with chive sauce for a delightful Mexican surprise." It's a little bit McDonald's meets Taco Bell.
Previously promoted, the Asian was a bit of a weird one for its rather mundane composition. Now don't get me wrong, it sounds good but not very Asian. I mean it's a spicy chicken sandwich. On one hand they do serve a similar sandwich in certain Asian countries but spicy chicken just seems like something they'd have anywhere or maybe just anywhere here in the U.S.
Finally, they also had the Arabian which was a kofta patty (a bit like a Middle Eastern meatloaf according to Wikipedia.) with a garlic mayo, onions, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. It also sounds pretty good.

I wish McDonald's would do a "Taste of the World" here.


  1. Instead of the "Arabian" burger maybe they should call it the 9/11 burger and see how that sells.

  2.  LOL'd within the shanty!!!

  3. We get fried chicken here in Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. Nice.. Now what to name our good ol' fashioned American burger? Hm.. how about "The Kosher Burger"! Or even better, just go straight to the point and call it "THE Gaza"! Oh don't I feel clever.

  5. at least in the 9/11 you just tried it one day and u made a big problem u forgot about palestine you selfish motherfuckers you only care about ur country i wish bin ladin was still alive he would show you hell you fuckin annoying americans

  6. why would you post that


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