Jan 7, 2017

Blaze Pizza Entices with "Buy One, Get One Free" Pizza Offer

For a limited-time, Blaze Pizza is sending out a "buy one, get one free pizza" code redeemable through their mobile app if you digitally pledge to "keep it real."

What do they mean by "keeping it real?" According to their website: "We believe that each of us can benefit from making smarter decisions about what's in our food, how we treat each other and how we protect this wonderful planet we all share."

You agree to the pledge by providing an email address i.e. sign up to be on their email list (you can opt-out of receiving emails though). If you're already on their list, you can still take the pledge to get the code. You can find the offer page here.

The buy-one-get-one code is good through February 13, 2016.

Photo via Blaze Pizza.

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