Jan 30, 2017

McDonald's Gives the Big & Tasty the Big Mac Treatment in Brazil

Fans of the discontinued Big 'N Tasty might want to plan a trip to Brazil, where McDonald's is currently offering a limited-time Big Tasty menu that includes a Big Mac-style Big Tasty called the "Grand Big Tasty."

The fast food chain is also offering Tasty McFritas and the Big Tasty Bacon. The Big Tasty is a variant of the Big 'N Tasty that McDonald's offers in a number of countries around the world. The main difference is rather than ketchup and mayo, the Big Tasty has Tasty Sauce instead. Also, the Big Tasty does not include pickles.

The Grand Big Tasty is an even bigger burger than the Grand Mac that McDonald's is currently serving here in the US. It features two one-third-pound beef patties (i.e. twice the meat of the Grand Mac), three slices of Swiss cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a three-part Big Mac-style sesame seed bun.

The Big Tasty Bacon takes the regular Big Tasty and replaces the bun with a square one that baked with bits of bacon on top. The burger also includes three strips of bacon for good measure.

Finally, Tasty McFritas features French fries topped with Tasty sauce and pieces of bacon.

Photo via McDonald's.

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