Jan 16, 2017

KFC's New Georgia Gold Chicken Arrives on January 29, 2017

KFC is set to offer their take on Georgia's lesser-known honey mustard-based barbecue with the national release of new Georgia Gold Chicken on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Similar to the chain's Nashville Hot Chicken, Georgia Gold Chicken is actually a new saucing option for a number of fried chicken menu items, including tenders, bone-in chicken, wings, and Chicken Littles sandwiches. The sauce itself is a sweet and tangy honey mustard barbecue sauce.

Update 1/30/2017 - Individual Georgia Gold basket meals are $5.49 (may vary) and include three Extra Crispy Tenders or two pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken, an individual coleslaw, and a biscuit. Georgia Gold Big Baskets are also available for $9.99 and include six Extra Crispy Tenders or four pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken, an individual coleslaw, an individual mashed potatoes and gravy, and two biscuits.

KFC tested new chicken dish last summer in both Mobile, AL and Pittsburgh, PA.

Photo via KFC.

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