Jan 10, 2017

Del Taco Changes to New Lower-Fat Ground Turkey Recipe

Del Taco has once again played around with their seasoned ground turkey recipe and starts off 2017 with new seasoned ground turkey, which now features 40-percent less fat than their ground beef (the previous version was 33-percent less fat).

Like before, seasoned ground turkey can be substituted in place of seasoned ground beef across the Del Taco menu for no additional charge.

Popular options for the substitution include The Del Taco, Signature Taco Salad, and Handcrafted Ensaladas.

I asked a Del Taco representative as to how and why the new recipe was different from the previous one (which was made with Jennie-O brand turkey) and received the following response:

"Del Taco is constantly working to enhance its recipes, whether the focus is flavor, ingredient quality, nutritional makeup or all of the above. Del has adjusted their seasoned Turkey recipe for more of a home style taste and texture. As a result, it now has 40% less fat than the seasoned beef but still with all the flavor. Also, Del Taco no longer sources from Jennie-O."

As an incentive to try the new turkey, for a limited time, Del Taco is offering members of their email list a "buy one Turkey Del Taco and get one free" coupon, which can be found on their website here.

Photo via Del Taco.

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