Jan 17, 2017

McDonald's Serves a Giant McFlurry in France

McDonald's offers a giant version of their signature McFlurry over in France and calls it the "McFlurry Party."

The McFlurry Party comes in an over-sized cup and is meant to serve two-to-four people (or someone with a very big ice cream hankering).

It comes with a number of smaller cups so you can portion it out accordingly. It also comes with a lid, in case you want to take it home, but given how quickly soft serve can melt, is probably more serviceable for dining in.

While the idea of a fast-melting, shareable McFlurry may seem a little odd to us here in the States, where roughly 70% of McDonald's sales come from the drive-thru window, McDonald's restaurants in France (as well as a number of other countries) have more of a sit-down dining emphasis.

The McFlurry Party was introduced last November in France and has also been spotted in Spain since early last year.

Photos via McDonald's France.

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