Jan 18, 2017

Review: 7-Eleven - Breakfast Pizza

7-Eleven's Breakfast Pizza features bacon, sausage, smoked ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and "peppered cream" gravy on top of a "flaky biscuit" crust.

Two slices set me back a very affordable $2 in total.

The crust wasn't exactly flaky but more like "spongy." It was, however, nice and crispy at the surface and warm and soft inside. I would only very tentatively call it a biscuit crust, and only because it doesn't have that chewiness inherent to pizza crust. Still, it's nicer than some of the frozen microwaved biscuits that I've tried.

The pizza sported an even, creamy layer of melted cheese but the gravy and the other toppings were curiously lacking in the flavor department. There was salt to be sure, but beyond the different textures, the various breakfast meats and egg were, more or less, indistinguishable. The gravy was creamy enough but lacked any peppery bite.

While going at $1 a slice could merit giving 7-Eleven's Breakfast Pizza a try, you might want to bring your own bacon bits or something to make it feel more like breakfast and less like mild melted cheese on thick toast.

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