Jan 2, 2017

Sonic Testing New "Carving Block" Chicken Nuggets

It looks like Sonic is testing new Chicken Nuggets made from "Carving Block Premium Chicken" out in Arkansas.

Apparently, "Carving Block" means that the nuggets consist of cut chicken pieces rather than formed ground chicken, which would put it more in line with Chick-fil-A's offering rather than McDonald's or Burger King.

Sonic currently does not offer chicken nuggets on their nationwide menu but they do serve boneless wings and chicken strips.

Notably, the new nuggets feature a much thinner breading/shell than the chain's other fried chicken items (which also feature cuts of chicken; it's possibly that they might decide to extend the "Carving Block" moniker to their other chicken items). They are also different from Sonic's boneless wings as the nuggets don't come tossed in sauce. They're available in six- and twelve-piece orders.

Photos via @BigGunn

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