Jan 16, 2017

My Least Favorite New Fast Food Items from 2016

Since I've already listed my top five new fast food items from 2016, here are my bottom three new fast food items from 2016:

- Starbucks' All the Trimmings Breakfast Sandwich - Starbucks tried to bring the feeling of Christmas dinner to breakfast with this one but unless your Christmas dinner tends toward the sweet side, this didn't feel like Christmas or breakfast to me.

- Papa John's - Pan Pizza - You'd think that being the last of the big four major pizza chains to come out with a pan pizza, Papa John would have learned from what came before but you'd be wrong.

- Burger King's Mac 'n Cheetos - It didn't taste like Cheetos, which defeated the whole point for me. There wasn't even any of that cheesy powder.

Feel free to share your own 2016 fast food disappointments below in the comments.

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