Jan 20, 2017

Walmart-Exclusive Valentine's Day Candies for 2017 Include New White Chocolate Cheesecake M&M's

Walmart's exclusive line-up of Valentine's Day candies this year includes new White Chocolate Cheesecake-flavored M&M's as well as two others.

Here's what you can expect to find while strolling down the Walmart candy aisle:

- White Chocolate Cheesecake M&M's candies - A blend of cheesecake, and graham cracker flavors in a white chocolate center with a candy shell in "Valentine’s Day colors" (i.e. various shades of red and pink). These are $2.88 per 8-oz bag.

- Hershey's Conversation Kisses Recordable Message Heart - These candies come in a record-and-play box to capture any Valentine’s Day messages you'd like to include. The milk chocolates inside come wrapped in foil sporting message like "Hug Me," "XOXO," "UR Sweet." Expect a 10-oz box to cost $14.98.

- Skittles Valentine's Heart Box - Heart-shaped boxes of regular Skittles. There are two heart-shaped boxes in each 8-oz package, which carries a price of $5.00.

Photos via Walmart.

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