Mar 31, 2018

2018 April Fools' Jokes Round-Up

In case you're aiming not to get fooled this April Fools Day (or hoping to fool someone else), here's a list of food-related April Fools Day jokes for 2018 (I'll update if/when more come in):

- Arby's - WArby's - A partnership between Arby's and Warby Parker at the overlap between meat and seeing... The line includes glasses, apparel, and an onion ring monocle (i.e. an actual onion ring). This might be the only joke where there's actually stuff you can buy (it looks like they set up two very short term pop-ups in NYC and a working online shop). You can find the shop and brick-and-mortar details here.

- Auntie Anne's - "House of A" Essential Pretzel Oils - Featuring Freshly Baked, Salty, and Cinnamon Twist varieties, so you can smell like the pretzels you like to eat.

- Burger King - Chocolate Whopper - It's a dessert Whopper with chocolate cake buns with various chocolate and candied ingredients made to resemble regular Whopper ingredients.

- Burger King Belgium - Whopper Easy Order - It's basically a touchscreen self-order kiosk... in your home.

- Highbrew Coffee - Caffeine patch - They're calling the "Contact High Caffeinated Patch."

- L.A. Wine ProjectBlasé - The World’s First "Rosé of Indifference." It's described as "a stultifying blend of rosé and activated charcoal to soothe your troubled soul."

- Nissin Cup Noodle - Eyeglasses especially made for eating ramen - The brand partners with Zenni Optical to come up with Steam-Resistant Eyeglasses for eating ramen. It has a fan that pulls steam away form your lenses.

- Swanson (a vitamins company) - Fried Food Supplements - Like multivitamins but without the vitamins...

- White Castle - White Castle Whey Protein Powder - It's a protein supplement... made out of White Castle Slider patties and onions. "Each individual serving includes 27 sliders scientifically granulated into 189 grams of pure Whey Protein."

April 1, 2018 Update:

- Del Taco - All Soy Taco - "It's basically a soybean wrapped in tofu."

- Hostess - Chile Lime Burrito Twinkies - The all-day portable meal Twinkie.

- Pop-Tarts - Sriracha-flavored Pop-Tarts

- Qdoba - Queso Tap - "Introducing the queso tap, so you can have delicioso 3-cheese queso on tap from the comfort of your own home."

Photos via Burger King, Arby's, Auntie Anne's, Highbrew Coffee, Nissin, Swanson, White Castle, Del Taco, Hostess, Qdoba, and Pop-Tarts.

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