Mar 30, 2018

McDonald's Adds New Wagyu Beef Burger in Australia

McDonald's Australia gets fancy with the limited-time addition of Wagyu beef patties in the new Wagyu Beef Burger.

The addition of Wagyu beef marks a world first for the fast food chain and is sourced from Australian-bred cows.

The burger consists of a grilled Wagyu beef patty, "specially created" sauce, bacon, a slice of Coon brand cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, and lettuce on a new gourmet bun. It's selling for about $10 AUS (~$7.70 US). For comparison, a Big Mac in Australia costs about $5.70 AUS.

Wagyu beef refers to beef sourced from one of four breeds of Japanese cows that are known for producing intensely marbled (tender and flavorful) meat. In terms of cost, Wagyu tends to be pricier than beef from other cows including Certified Angus Beef (which you might sometimes see on the menu as C.A.B.) and USDA Prime. Japanese Wagyu is significantly more expensive than Australian or American Wagyu.

McDonald's Wagyu Beef Burger is available for a limited time in Australia., while supplies last.

Photo by McDonald's Australia.

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