Mar 6, 2018

New Neapolitan M&M's Arrive Exclusively at Target

New Neapolitan M&M's can now be found exclusively at Target as an Easter-themed flavor (maybe because of the pastel colors?).

The limited-time flavor features "chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors in every piece." The candies are triple-layered with a candy creme center, a milk chocolate outer layer, and a brown, cream, or pink-colored candy shell.

Neapolitan M&M's come in 8-oz bags and are currently on sale for $3 on the Target website (regularly $3.19).

Sticking with the Easter-Neapolitan theme, Target is also offering Neapolitan Peep's Delights in three-count 1.5-oz packages for $2.09.

Photo via Target.

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