Mar 20, 2018

Review: Little Caesars - ExtraMostBestest Stuffed Crust Pizza

Little Caesars' ExtraMostBestest Stuffed Crust Pizza is their standard round pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni with over 3 feet of mozzarella stuffed into the crust.

It cost me $9 for one.

One of you mentioned in the comments of the new post about this pizza that it could really use a ridged cardboard liner on the bottom to keep the crust from getting wet and/or soggy, and I have to concur. About half of my pizza was sliding on a thin pool of grease from either the pepperoni, the melted cheese, or both. Whatever the case, the pizza had an all-around softness and an uncomfortable wetness on its sagging bottom. Except for the stuffed crust portion, the rest of the crust was quite thin and didn't hold up well against the grease below and the extra cheese and pepperoni on top.

The stuffed crust was basically a pillowy soft, cheese-filled breadstick. If I was served just the stuffed crust portion, I would refer to it as "Pillow Cheesebread" or "Cheesy Pillowbread." There was plenty of cheese in each bite as well as a nice stretchy pull to it.

The cheese on top of the pizza also had a satisfying pull to it. The thin slices of pepperoni delivered the expected salty flavor and sported occasional crispy edges that were probably accented by the complete lack of it in the crust.

When it comes down to it, I liked the plentiful cheese and pepperoni of Little Caesars' ExtraMostBestest Stuffed Crust Pizza but the general wetness and softness of the crust had me longing for the since-departed spongy, crispy crust of their stuffed deep dish.

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