Mar 26, 2018

Red Lobster Debuts New Lobster and Waffles

Red Lobster whips out their take on fried chicken and waffles with the debut of new Crispy Lobster and Waffles as a late addition to this year's seasonal Lobsterfest menu.

As an added twist, rather than a traditional waffle, the Red Lobster goes with a savory one made with the chain's signature Cheddar Bay biscuit batter. The Cheddar Bay waffle comes topped with a crispy-fried, buttermilk-battered split Maine lobster tail and a drizzle of sweet maple syrup.

The new dish can be found at Red Lobster restaurants nationwide for a limited time. It comes out to 1080 calories and costs about $20 (may vary).

Photo via Red Lobster.

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