Mar 1, 2018

Taco Bell Brings Back Naked Egg Taco; Tests Toasted Cheese Chalupa Shell

Taco Bell is bringing back the Naked Egg Taco nationwide starting March 8, 2018. On the same day, they'll also start testing the new Toasted Cheese Chalupa shell in areas of West Virginia.

The Naked Egg Taco (my review here) features a fried-egg shell filled with either bacon or sausage plus seasoned potatoes, cheddar cheese, and nacho cheese sauce. You can get one for $1.99, the same price as when it was first introduced late last summer. This time around, Taco Bell is also running a slight discount where you can get two Naked Egg Tacos for $3.49. As before, a "dressed" version is also available where they cover up the Naked Egg Taco with a Gordita flatbread.

Taco Bell once again looks into taco shell innovation with a test of the Breakfast Toasted Cheese Chalupa, whose shell comes with crispy aged cheddar cheese baked in and is filled with eggs, a choice of bacon or sausage, and nacho cheese sauce. A lunch and dinner version of the test item filled with seasoned beef, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and tomato is also available

The Breakfast Toasted Cheese Chalupa (and regular Toasted Cheese Chalupa) will be testing in Charleston, WV as well as Huntington, WV. The price for one is $2.49 but the regular version will also come in a $5 Box which includes a Toasted Cheese Chalupa, two crunchy tacos, and a medium drink for $5.

Photo via Taco Bell.

Nutritional info not yet available.

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