Oct 1, 2018

Review: Popeyes - %@$# (Bash) Spicy Sauce

Popeyes' %@$# Spicy Sauce (apparently, the employees call it "Bash Sauce") is described by the chain as "so good, there are no words." Fortunately, I do have a few words to say about it.

I got the sauce as part of a $5 Boneless Bash combo, which includes six boneless "wings," a side, a biscuit, and a sauce of your choice.

The short of it is that Bash Sauce is basically Buffalo sauce mixed with mayo. Opening up the lid yield a vinegar aroma with just a tinge of buttermilk.

Flavor-wise, the sauce offers a definite tangy note of vinegar, a little creaminess and richness from mayo and buttermilk, and just a slight touch of cayenne flavor plus a moderate dose of cayenne heat. It's a slow burn that builds but doesn't linger all that long.

I should note that the sauce is fairly thin compared to other mayo-based sauces. Put it this way: if it was in a bottle, you'd have no trouble getting it out. Just tilt and go.

Taken altogether, Popeyes %@$# was just sorta ho-hum for me. Given the gimmicky name, I was hoping for something more novel than Buffalo sauce and mayo. Some extra herbs or spices might have made it more interesting.

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