Jun 3, 2021

Milk Bar Expands with New Ice Cream Pints

Milk Bar follows up their 2020 launch of packaged cookies (and later launch of Truffle Crumb Cakes) by expanding into the freezer aisle with new Milk Bar Ice Cream Pints, which are available now at Whole Foods nationwide.

The new line of ice cream pints, includes four flavors at launch, including:

- Birthday Cake - Birthday cake-flavored ice cream with birthday cake crumbs, and ribbons of birthday frosting. 

- Cereal Milk - Based on Milk Bar bakery's soft serve, this pint features Cereal Milk ice cream with salty-sweet cornflake crunch.

- Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow - Cookie dough ice cream with cornflake crunch, chocolate chunks, and marshmallow swirls.

- Milk Bar Pie - Inspired by Milk Bar bakery's signature pie, this pint features vanilla ice cream swirled with a gooey butter filling and toasted oat crumble.

Milk Bar Ice Cream Pints carry a suggest price of $5.99 each. In addition to the current availability at Whole Foods, the brand plans to launch at additional retailers and their online store later this summer.

Photo via Milk Bar.

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