Nov 24, 2023

2023 Fast Food and Restaurant Online Merch Store Round-Up

KFC holiday collection sweaters and bucket.
In case you have a loved (liked?) one in your life who just lives and breathes a certain fast food or restaurant chain, I've put together a list of fast food online merch stores for various brands from McDonald's to Olive Garden and more to help you along your search:

- 7-Eleven - They've helpfully arranged their online merch store to show gifts at various price ranges for various budgets. There's gifts under $10, under $20, under $50, and stocking stuffers.

- Arby's - The Arby's Shop offers a Good Burger 2 line for the holiday season. Other interesting items they sell include the chain's signature 10-gallon hat, a curly fries golf club head cover, and scented meat wrapping paper.

- Chick-fil-A - They have an online store with a range of items, including an indoor sleeping bag that looks like a giant chicken sandwich bag.

- Chili's - Their online store includes a section called "Cool Stuff" where you can buy a "I Want My Baby Back" Boyz II Men vinyl record, a chili pepper ice mold, and more.

- Chipotle - If you want to identify yourself by having your own Chipotle order printed on a shirt or bag, you can get it at the Chipotle Goods store.

- Cracker Barrel - Given that they're a restaurant and "Old Country Store," they have quite a few things for purchase online with prices ranging from 99-cents for wooden ornaments to $1,869.99 for a metal outdoor furniture set.

- Del Taco - Their online store offers quite the selection but what caught my eye was an eye glass cleaning cloth that looks like a flour tortilla. If that's too small, they also have a blanket that looks like a flour tortilla. You can also buy enough of their various hot sauces to last you a lifetime.

- Denny's - The chain's Diner Drip online store sells Denny's-themed apparel, accessories, bags, and hats. They currently have a few sale items including lapel pins, a sleep mask, and more.

- Dunkin' - Update 12/1/23 - Their online holiday shop is launching soon. You can get early-access with the password "DUNKINTINI".

- El Pollo Loco - Their online merch store hasn't changed much in the last two years. They offer more-or-less the same selection of heritage merch.

- In-N-Out - Besides the usual branded apparel, their Company Store has some odd knick-knacks including a dog collar, a drink cup iPhone case, and an ugly Christmas sweater. They're offering free shipping through November 27, 2023.

- Jack in the Box - The only thing that their online store is currently selling is a Gamer Jack mystery box for $20.

- Jimmy John's - Their online store has an holiday collection that includes an ugly holiday sweater and various pickle-themed goods (like a pickle ornament) among other items.

- KFC - The KFC Shop offers a whole holiday collection this year to go with their regular merch. Apparently, holiday fingerless gloves and a KFC logo bobble hat are already sold out. They're running a Cyber weekend promotion where you can get 20% off through November 27, 2023.

- Krispy Kreme - Their online store includes Krispy Kreme-themed clothing, accessories, drinkware, and collectibles.

- McDonald's - They're currently doing a collaboration with Crocs right now but also have an online merch shop called "Golden Arches Unlimited." They have a Hamburglar beanie!

- Olive Garden - The chain has opened up an online merch store for the season and breadsticks features heavily into the rotation of goods. You can get a breadstick dog toy, a breadstick puzzle, and more.

- Raising Cane's - Besides a holiday collection and various branded goods, there's quite a few items at the Raising Cane's online store for your dogs (which makes sense for a chicken finger chain named after the owner's dog).

- Shake Shack - Their online shop stocks a selection of basic clothing pieces ranging from hoodies and crewnecks to hats and socks--they seem to cover stuff that you'd find in a university merch store.

- Sonic - The Sonic Swag shop includes a winter collection, an America's Got Talent replica tumbler, a Wag Shop (for your dog), and more.

- Taco Bell - The most interesting thing about the Taco Bell online store is how many ways you can show your love for their sauce packets. Examples includes a giant sauce packet holiday inflatable for your lawn, sauce packet mylar balloons, and sauce packet onesies.

- Whataburger - Their online store is great if you or someone you knows favorite color is orange. They currently have a 20% off sale on holiday stuff through November 26, 2023.

- White Castle - The House of Crave online store offers a number of holiday-themed White Castle merch including a snow globe, ugly Christmas sweater, and more.

Photo via KFC.

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