Nov 9, 2023

Pizza Hut Unveils New Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set

Pizza Hut Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set.
Pizza Hut unveils the new Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set, which includes a limited-edition shaker inspired by Pizza Hut's lamps of old as well as two new spice blends to sprinkle on whatever food you like.

The Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set was designed in partnership with Chain, the LA-based pop-up that offers "chef-driven takes on fast casual cuisine."

The two new seasoning blends include:

- Pizza Hut's "Make it Pepperoni" Seasoning - The flavors of Pizza Hut's signature pepperoni in a vegan seasoning blend.

- Chain's "Everything Pizza Shake" - All the "wonderful flavors of the pizzeria," including oregano, red pepper flake, and parmesan combined with Chain's umami blend. The name looks to be a play on everything bagel seasoning.

The limited-edition Hut Shaker is a custom-designed, retro-inspired, pizzeria shaker that's inspired by the Tiffany-style, stained glass lamps that use to hang in Pizza Hut restaurants in the '80s.

The collectible box set is priced at $60 and has already sold out but you can still buy the seasonings and limited-edition shaker individually from the Chain website at the time of this writing. The shaker costs $40, the Make It Pepperoni Seasoning is $10, and the Everything Pizza Shake is $12.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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