Nov 8, 2023

99-Cent Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap Returns to Sonic

Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap.
The 99-cent Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap is back at Sonic for a limited time now at participating locations nationwide.

Sonic's Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap features chili, shredded cheddar cheese, and Fritos corn chips wrapped up in a flour tortilla. It is basically Fritos pie folded up a flour tortilla.

Fritos pie is a dish popular in some part of the US that features chili, cheese, and corn chips (usually Fritos), sometimes it's served right in the Fritos bag. You can add other toppings like salsa, beans, and whatever else you like but the basics are chili, cheese, and corn chips.

Photo via Sonic.

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