Nov 11, 2023

Little Caesars Tests New Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix in NYC

Little Caesars New Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix with Crazy Sauce.
Little Caesars tests a Detroit-Style twist on their Slices-N-Stix called "Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix." It's available now at participating locations across the five boroughs of New York City.

Little Caesars Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix features two slices of the chain's Detroit-style, deep dish pizza topped with pepperoni alongside four pieces of Italian Cheese Bread on a single square crust and comes served with a side of Crazy Sauce (marinara).

Basically it's half of the chain's Detroit-style, deep dish pepperoni pizza but with half of it topped like Italian Cheese Bread (topped with cheese and Italian spices). It's the same concept as their Slices-N-Stix only smaller and on Little Caesars' deep dish crust instead of their classic hand-tossed crust.

An order of Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix carries a suggested price of $4.99, which in the same ballpark as an order of Italian Cheese Bread as well as the Little Caesars lunch combo (four slices of Detroit-style, deep dish pepperoni pizza and a 20-oz soda)

Photo via Little Caesars.

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