Nov 18, 2023

McDonald's Holiday Pie Returns for 2023 to Select Markets

McDonald's Holiday Pie
McDonald's Holiday Pie is currently rolling out to participating locations in select markets for the 2023 holiday season.

The limited-time dessert features a baked, flaky, buttery crust that's glazed with sugar, topped with rainbow sprinkles, and filled with smooth custard.

The Holiday Pie is one of those items that franchisees can elect to carry starting this month. However, some locations who plan on serving them might not have them yet (my local McDonald's tends to switch from the Pumpkin and Creme Pie to the Holiday Pie after Thanksgiving) so you might want to ask if you're hoping to get one.

Prices vary but McDonald's seasonal pies cost $1.19 each near me or 2 for $2.29.

You can find my review of McDonald's Holiday Pie here.

Photo via McDonald's.

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