Nov 17, 2023

KFC Launches New Festive Chicken Sandwich "Overflowing with Stuffing" in Canada

KFC Canada's Festive Chicken Sandwich
KFC celebrates the 2023 holiday season over in Canada with the release of the new KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich, which they boast is "overflowing with stuffing" in addition to cranberry sauce and a crispy-fried, buttermilk-marinated chicken breast filet.

The festive sandwich also comes with plant-based mayo and buttery garlic oil on a toasted bun.

The KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich is part of KFC Canada's Festive Menu, which also includes the aforementioned stuffing as a side, a number of Festive Favorites Feast for groups, and "winter wonderland"-themed versions of KFC's signature buckets. The Feasts features varying amounts of sides and fried chicken paired with a large fries (in a bucket) and large Popcorn Chicken (also in a bucket).

The Festive Menu is available now for a limited time at KFC restaurants across Canada.

The new sandwich is strikingly similar to a sandwich (but better looking in my opinion) that KFC recently introduced for the Christmas season over in the UK.

Photo via KFC Canada.

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