Nov 30, 2023

Quiznos Launches New Club Peri Peri Sandwich

Quiznos Club Peri Peri Sandwich
Calling it a "globally-inspired flavor mashup," Quiznos launches the new Club Peri Peri Sandwich as a limited-time sub that is available now at locations in the US and Canada.

Quiznos' Club Peri Peri Sandwich features grilled chicken, a creamy peri-peri sauce, bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, jalapeƱos, and melted cheese, on Italian white bread.

Peri-peri is a red chili sauce that is popular in what are now South African countries as a result of Portuguese colonialism (it also spread to Portugal and other Portuguese colonies). The word "peri-peri" appears to be a Romanization of "pilipili," which means "pepper" in Swahili. Recipes for the sauce vary a good deal but it's commonly made with peri peri peppers (AKA African Bird's Eye chili peppers), garlic, and onions, along with various seasonings as well as a tangy (vinegar or lemon) and oil component. As far as chains go, peri peri sauce is probably best known in the UK and Washington DC area as the primary flavor of Nando's, a peri peri chicken chain.

Peri peri sauce hasn't yet made much of an impact here in the US in terms of fast food chains so we may be seeing the beginning of a trend (although the watering down of hot sauces with mayo ["creamy" sauces tend to be mayo-based] is also on-trend; see chipotle sauce, Sriracha sauce, etc.).

Quiznos' Club Peri Peri Sandwich is available for a limited time now, while supplies last, at participating locations. Prices start at about $9 in the US and $10 in Canada.

Photo via Quiznos.

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