Nov 16, 2023

Little Debbie's 2023 Holiday Ice Cream Flavors Includes Two New Flavors: Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes and Cherry Cordials

Little Debbie welcomes three festive flavors for their 2023 holiday ice cream line-up, which can be found now for a limited time exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide for a limited time.

This year's line up includes two new flavors--Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes and Cherry Cordials--and one returning one: Christmas Tree Cakes.

Here's what you can expect from each flavor:

- Little Debbie Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream - Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and holiday sprinkles.

- Little Debbie Cherry Cordials Ice Cream - Cherry-flavored ice cream with cookie pieces, chocolaty flakes, and cherry ribbons.

- Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream - White-cake-flavored ice cream with yellow cake pieces, green sanding sugar, and red icing ribbons.

Little Debbie ice cream pint prices vary with location but these cost $2.88 each near me in the Los Angeles area.

The ice cream is produced by Hudsonville Ice Cream, an ice cream manufacturer that also produces its own line since 1926.

Photo via Hudsonville Ice Cream.

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