Nov 17, 2023

McRib is Back at Select McDonald's Locations for Fall 2023

McDonald's McRib sandwich
The McRib makes its yearly return to the menu at select McDonald's restaurants across the US for the fall 2023 season. The reappearance comes despite the chain giving the seasonal sandwich a farewell tour around this time last year.

The McRib consists of boneless, mini-rack-of-ribs-shaped pork patty slathered with BBQ sauce and served with pickles and slivered onions on a toasted, cornmeal-dusted roll.

It's one of those menu items that not enough people want to eat year-round but enjoys enough demand in some areas for them to offer it for a limited time each year. It is actually popular enough in Germany where it's part of the permanent menu.

Other chains that have occasionally offered their own version of the McRib include Arby's (with the Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich), Burger King (with the BBQ Rib Sandwich; they also once put out a Rib Sandwich), and Subway (with the BBQ Rib Sandwich--it's a different sandwich than Burger King but with the same name).

Prices vary but the McRib costs $5.99 near me in the Los Angeles area.

If you're curious as how the McRib pork patty is made, McDonald's once put out a video to show the process.

Photo via McDonald's.

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