Nov 27, 2023

Insomnia Cookies Brings Back Jinglebread Cookies, Blondies, and More for 2023 Holiday Season

Insomnia Cookies' Jinglebread Classic Cookie.
Insomnia Cookies brings back their selection of Jinglebread Classic Cookies, Minis, Blondies, Dippers, and Cakes for the 2023 holiday season.

Jinglebread is what the chain calls their gingerbread cookies, which are made with ginger and molasses dough plus a touch of cinnamon. They're available in regular and Minis sizes.

The Jinglebread Blondie features a baked gingerbread blondie with a cream cheese swirl throughout.

The Jinglebread Cookie Cake is a 10-inch Jinglebread Cookie with your choice of decorative icing and a choice of from one of four holiday cake center messages applied with buttercream icing.

Jinglebread Dippers sees your choice of either regular of Minis Jinglebread Cookies paired with either buttercream or cream cheese icing for dipping.

Also here for the holiday season are new, limited-edition Hot Cocoa Cookies IN Ice Cream, which consists of chocolate marshmallow ice cream with double chocolate chunk cookies pieces, chocolate-coated marshmallows, and a marshmallow swirl. You can find the new ice cream flavor for a limited time now at participating stores.

Photo via Insomnia Cookies.

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