Nov 15, 2023

Trader Joe's - Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies

Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies box.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies is a bakery item featuring a chocolate-dipped selection of two Marzipan Napoleon Hats, two Coconut Macaroons, and two Almond Triangles.

A 8.46-oz box was $5.99.

The Marzipan Napoleon Hats are basically a round cookie hugging a ball of marzipan in a way that makes it look like a tricorne (Napoleon was known for wearing a bicorne though). There a thin layer of dark chocolate on the bottom. The cookie was pretty soft, sweet, and dense without any distinguishing flavors. The marzipan was smooth, sweet, and almond-y. It was pretty much all I tasted as the chocolate was pretty mild.

Top-down view of Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies.

The Coconut Macaroons were moist inside and lightly crispy at the crust. It's basically a dense ball of sweet, shredded coconut held together starch and egg whites dipped in chocolate. Sweet coconut with a bare hint of chocolate was all I tasted here.

The Almond Triangles offered the most varied tastes and texture of the three cookies as each triangle had a thin cookie layer on the bottom, a thick marzipan layer in the middle and a thin, crunchy, candied almond layer on top. As with the other cookies, there's a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. Flavor-wise, it very similar to the Napoleon hats since marzipan made for the thickest layer although there was a little bit of extra flavor from the candied almond layer, which also was good for a thin, crackly quality.

Cross-sections of Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies.

Overall, Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies turned out well as long as you like marzipan and coconut as that's really most of what you're eating. They're probably not my favorite flavors but I still enjoy them. If you like chocolate however, you'll be sadly disappointed here as it doesn't do much here.

Nutritional Info - Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Danish Cookies
Serving Size - 1 pieces (40g)
Calories - 180 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 35mg
Carbs - 19g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 2g

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