Nov 14, 2023

KFC Introduces New Chicken Sandwich with Stuffing Patty in UK

KFC's Stuffing Tower Burger
KFC celebrates Christmas in the UK with the launch of the new Stuffing Tower Burger, which features  both a sage & onion stuffing patty and a spiced cranberry sauce. Oddly, enough the stuffing patty resembles a hockey puck.

Besides the stuffing and cranberry sauce, KFC's Stuffing Tower Burger includes an Original Recipe filet, American cheese, lettuce, and burger dressing, on a brioche-style bun. They also offer a double chicken filet version called the "Stuffing Stacker Burger." KFC UK describes the new, festive sandwich as "It's Christmas, in a bun." Both sandwiches are available through New Year's Day.

KFC UK also brings back their Gravy Buckets for the holiday season. There's the Double Gravy Bucket, which includes 6 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken (in a bucket), a choice of 6 Mini Filets or 8 Hot Wings (also in a bucket but a smaller one), a regular Popcorn Chicken, 2 large sides of gravy, 4 orders of fries, and a large bottled beverage. The Triple Gravy Bucket, includes everything in the Double Gravy Buckets but with 6 Mini Filets and 8 Hot Wings.

Photo via KFC UK.

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