Jan 3, 2024

Insomnia Serves Up New Unicorn Cookie Nachos

A box of Insomnia's Unicorn Cookie Nachos.
Insomnia Cookies serves up a sparkly new year with the arrival of new Unicorn Cookie Nachos, which marks the limited-time return of Cookie Nachos but with a unicorn theme.

Insomnia's Unicorn Cookie Nachos features eight Classic cookies of your choice layered with Fancy Sprinkles brand Unicorn Barf blend (because unicorns barf rainbows) and two more toppings of your choice.

According to Fancy Sprinkles, their Unicorn Barf Sprinkles is a "magical multi-colored blend of crunchy jimmies, dragees, sugar sequins, stars, and gold candy horns in white, pastel blue, bright turquoise, lavender, lime green, and hot pink."

Classic cookie varieties include Chocolate Chunk, Classic with M&M's, Double Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Mint, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter Chip, Snickerdoodle, Sugar, White Chocolate Macadamia, Vegan Birthday Cake, Vegan Chocolate Chunk, and Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk (may vary by location).

Topping choices include brownie bites, chopped M&M's, chopped Reese's Pieces, caramel sauce, cookie dough, galaxy sprinkles, chopped Snickers, and chocolate sauce.

Insomnia's Unicorn Cookie Nachos are available for a limited time and cost $19.99 per order (may vary).

Photo via Insomnia Cookies.

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