Jan 4, 2024

Little Debbie Adds New Vanilla Mini Donuts to 2024 Valentine's Day Line-up

Little Debbie 2024 Valentine's Day product line-up.
Little Debbie welcomes their Valentine's Day line-up of various baked goods with refreshed packaging as well as the addition of two new products this year: Vanilla Mini Donuts and Big Pack Valentine Vanilla Cakes.

Little Debbie Vanilla Mini Donuts are a new flavor that sees bite-sized, vanilla donuts coated in light pink frosting and decorated with a "playful" white icing pattern.

Little Debbie Big Pack Valentine Vanilla Cakes offers six big heart-shaped snack cakes. Each cake is individually-wrapped and comes topped with light pink frosting and a "playful" white icing stripe pattern.

Other products in the 2024 Little Debbie Valentine's Day selection include:

- Valentine's Vanilla Cakes - Heart-shaped white cake with creme filling, coated with pink icing and topped with a drizzle of white frosting. Available in single-serve packs, family packs, and big packs.

- Valentine's Chocolate Cakes - Heart-shaped chocolate cake with creme filling, coated with fudge icing and topped with a drizzle of fudge icing. Available in family packs.

- Valentine's Strawberry Cakes - Heart-shaped strawberry flavored cake with creme filling, coated with white icing and topped with a drizzle of pink frosting. Available in family packs.

- Iced Valentine Brownies - Heart-shaped fudge brownies covered with red frosting and topped with heart-shaped sprinkles. Available in family packs.

- Valentine Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars - Peanut butter creme layered between crunchy wafers, covered in a light pink coating with white icing stripes. Available in family packs.

- Valentine Cherry Cordials - Two vanilla cookies sandwiching a layer of cherry-flavored creme and coated in fudge.  Available in family packs.

You can find Little Debbie Valentine's Day products at retailers and convenience stores nationwide now for a limited time. If you're trying to find them near you, you can try using the product locator on the Little Debbie website.

Photo via Little Debbie.

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