Jan 4, 2024

Review: Trader Joe's - Raspberry Croissant Carré

Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré packaging.

Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré features a rectangular, shareable croissant with a raspberry filling, sprinkled with coarse sugar on top. "Carré" is French for "square," which alludes to the dessert's rectangular shape. If you're wondering why they went with "carré" instead of the French word for "rectangle," it's because the French word for "rectangle" is "rectangle."

An 11.29-oz package cost me $5.99. It's mean to be good for six servings.

Top-down view of Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré.

You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't heat this up (the package recommends heating it up for a few minutes at 350F in the oven) as the croissant portion felt impacted and lacking in flavor when eaten straight out of the wrapper.

Cross-section of Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré.

After giving it a few minutes in the air fryer, the layers of the croissant puffed and crisped up and there was a stronger buttery note to it that made for a much more satisfying eating experience. However, heating it up melted most of the sugar crystals on top so you do miss out on that crunch going this route. You do get a bit of a sticky glaze in return though.

The raspberry filling was pretty much a thick raspberry jam. It's lightly sweetened and very tart with a definite raspberry flavor.

Close-up of the crust of Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré.

Taken altogether, Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré was good but not great for me. I wanted a bit more richness to the croissant and a bit less tanginess from the raspberry but appreciated the texture of the croissant (when heated up) and the raspberry flavor of the filling.

Nutritional Info - Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré
Serving Size - 1/6 of package (53g)
Calories - 180 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 170mg
Carbs - 25g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 3g

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