Apr 24, 2024

New Groovy Fries Arriving at Sonic in May 2024

Sonic's new Groovy Fries with a cup of Groovy Sauce.
Sonic will be updating its fries with the arrival of new crinkle-cut fries that it's calling "Groovy Fries." The new fries make for the first change to Sonic's fries in over 10 years and are set to arrive at Sonic restaurants nationwide by mid-May 2024.

According to Sonic, Groovy Fries are "hot, crisp, perfectly salted, and made with fry lovers in mind." They are supposed to taste better and the crinkle-cut grooves make for better dipping.

To accompany the new fries, Sonic will also be launching new Groovy Sauce. The sauce features creamy ranch and herbs paired with a mild spice from Sriracha. You can get Groovy Sauce for free by request with every Groovy Fry order.

While crinkle-cut fries are not as common in fast food as traditional French fries, notable chains that offer them include Shake Shack, Arby's, Del Taco, Raising Cane's, and White Castle. Arby's added crinkle-cut fries fairly recently in 2021.

Sonic's current fries are natural-cut, "skin-on" fries lightly seasoned with salt.

Photo via Sonic.

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