Mar 11, 2013

Local Review: Grill 'Em All - FTW Cheeseburger

Grill 'Em All's simply-named FTW (it stands for "For the win") burger is made for purists of the meat and cheese set as that's about all there is to this burger.

$6 gets you a half-pound beef patty and American cheese (or another cheese of your choice) on a bun.

With only, beef, cheese, and bun, the FTW gives you a very good idea of how Grill 'Em All's half-pound beef patties taste. Fortunately, the patty was glorious! A coarsely-ground thick beef patty cooked to a perfect, juicy medium rare with a decent bit of charring. The patties are cooked with butter, which sets off the beef with a rich note of decadent flavor.

The bun is squishy soft with good-sized air pockets, yet was sturdy enough to stand up against the meat juices from the patty. It has a yellow color that I associate with a good egg bun.

The melted cheese added just enough flavor to hold its own against the joyful beefiness of the patty.

In sum, the FTW from Grill 'Em All is the bee's knees and a relative bargain for what you get (you can feed two with one of these).

If just meat and cheese is too much for you and you want something more traditional, they also offer the Winger aka The Stewart, which is the fairly standard combo of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Thousand Island:

It's good too, but not quite the celebration of meat and cheese that is the FTW.

Grill 'Em All
19 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA
(626) 284-2874


  1. blood soaked bun in picture 1. barf

  2. I had the same thought. For half a second I thought that might be pepperoni layered under the patty. Pepperoni is great on a burger. A blood soaked bun is not great on a burger.

  3. To find a place nowadays that will serve a burger medium rare is a treat. It has to be a local, reputable place for me to order it that way and trust their meat, but even then they seem to over cook it. Medium rare burger with jalapeno pimento cheese and bread and butter pickles FTW.

  4. First thing I noticed. ;_;

  5. Really? I'm the only one that finds a blood soaked bun delicious and a sign of a perfectly cooked burger!?


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