Mar 7, 2013

News: Taco Bell Adds New Happier Hour

Taco Bell offers a new Happier Hour menu promotion between the hours of 2 to 5 pm, where you can buy Loaded Grillers, Freezes, Sparklers, and Medium Drinks for only $1 each.

Of course, what this means is Loaded Grillers are no longer 99 cents. They now carry a regular price of $1.29 (may vary).

If you're wondering what a Freeze is, it looks like Taco Bell has gotten rid of the fruit topping on their Frutista Freezes and are now just offering them as "Freezes" sans the "frut." The ice-slush drinks are available in Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Pink Lemonade, and Pina Colada. You can probably expect a rotation of flavors similar to the previous drinks.

The move seeks to draw in fast food eaters looking for a quick snack rather than a meal and pushes Taco Bell as a round-the-clock food destination.

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  1. Sucks that they raised the regular price on the Loaded Grillers. Not the best things on their menu, but they were pretty good and filling for the price. But now that they cost as much as a Doritos Locos Taco, I doubt I'd ever get them unless I'm there during Happier Hour.

    Pretty good deal on the Freezes though. I think the regular price of the Baja one at my Taco Bell is $2.50, so getting it for $1 makes me much more likely to try it now.


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