Mar 19, 2013

News: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day on April 9, 2013

Ben & Jerry's has set the date for their annual Free Cone Day for April, 9, 2013, a day where Ben & Jerry's fans from all over the world and indulge (or more likely, over-indulge, as there is no limit on the number of times you can wait in line) in their favorite Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors.

The event is a world-wide promotion at participating Ben & Jerry's scoop shops where you can get yourself a free cone of any flavor ice cream on the menu.

You can grab your all-time greats like Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, or, my personal favorite, Chunky Monkey, or you can try something new like Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt or the scoop shop-exclusive Candy Bar Pie.

What are you looking forward to trying?


  1. My freshman year in college, I used to live down the block from a Ben & Jerry's. My hometown never had one so I never knew about their annual free cone day but my eyes were opened in college. April was usually cool in NYC but that didn't stop what seemed like hundreds of people from lining up for a free cone. It would stretch and wrap around the block and I would take one look at the line and think it wasn't worth it. To this day, I've never done their free cone days...

  2. It was the same for me back in college. There would be a line around the block that I never waited in. I was told it moved pretty fasth by friends who braved the line though.


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