Mar 15, 2013

News: Wendy's Arabia Offers Veggie Burger and Nuggets

While they offer no such vegetarian option here in the US, Wendy's offers Veggie Burger and Tandoori Veggie Nuggets over in the United Arab Emirates (probably best known for the city-state of Dubai). 

The menu items were first introduced earlier this year in January.

The veggie patties and nuggets are made with mashed potatoes mixed with spices and vegetables, coated with bread crumbs and sport their own flavor profile.

The Tandoori Veggie Nuggets are served with BBQ sauce and the Veggie Burger comes on a bun with ketchup, mayo, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Here in the U.S., veggie burger patties are made to imitate their meat and are usually made of a combination of the following: vegetables, textured soy protein, beans, nuts, grains, or seeds.

I have to say the UAE version sounds a bit more tasty, but I'm not a vegetarian (and don't care for imitation meat).

Of the Big Three fast food burger chains in the U.S. (McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King), only Burger King offers a veggie burger option: the BK Veggie Burger.

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  1. Burger King and McDonalds in the UK both offer veggie options (we don't have Wendy's here). The Burger King one is a vegetable and bean burger, while McDonalds offers a falafel patty sandwich or wrap in the Deli range. We have more vegetarians here though thanks to a large Hindu population.


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