Mar 10, 2013

News: Starbucks - New Limited-Edition Sustainable Wood Card

For all of you Starbucks collectors out there, Starbucks is offering a new "Special Edition" loyalty/payment card made of sustainable birch wood for a limited time in their stores. You won't have to worry about getting splinters though, the cards are laminated to feel like any other Starbucks card.

The birch wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests.

The idea came about because some Starbucks customers on suggested cards that were more friendly to the planet.

If you can't find them, it looks like people have taken to selling them on eBay for an average of about a buck for cards with zero balance.


  1. Good thing it's laminated to make it into a plastic card.

  2. Or, you could just use the Starbucks app on your smartphone, and never have to worry about any card, be it plastic, birch, metal, or any other substance, ever again.


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