Mar 10, 2013

News: Subway Japan Offers Vegetable Pound Cake

In an attempt to offer a healthy take on afternoon dessert, Subway is offering new vegetable pound cakes in Japan.

The pound cakes come in three flavors: Carrot & Apple, Greens & Sesame, and Purple Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar.

Carrots & Apple features carrot powder and candied apples in the dough.

Greens & Sesame mixes in a powder of leafy greens and black sesame seeds.

Finally, Purple Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar gives you sweet potato powder, walnuts, and black molasses.

Each pound cake is individually wrapped in slices and offered at 160 yen each (~$1.67 US).

Besides the featured vegetables, wheat bran is also a prominent healthy ingredient in each pound cake.

The concept of the campaign revolves around "maintenance" eating (as in eating well to maintain your body) and "3 o'clock" in the afternoon, which is apparently afternoon dessert time in Japan.

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