Mar 13, 2013

News: McDonald's Introducing Egg White McMuffin in April

McDonald's is slated to introduce an egg-white version of their popular Egg McMuffin nationwide on April 22, according to The Daily Meal.

They're calling it the "Egg White Delight" and it features egg whites cooked on the grill similar to McDonald's scrambled eggs, rather than cooked in a ring like for the regular Egg McMuffin.

Besides the grilled egg whites, the Egg White Delight also comes with Canadian bacon, pasteurized processed White Cheddar rather than American cheese, and an English Muffin with 8 grams of whole grains. The changes result in a calorie count of 250 (compared to 300 for the Egg McMuffin) per sandwich.

Egg whites will also be an available option for McDonald's other breakfast sandwiches.

If you live in Austin or Atlanta, you may already be familiar with the Egg White Delight, as those two cities were test markets for the breakfast sandwich last year.

Competitors Subway and Dunkin' Donuts already offer egg whites as an option, but serve them pre-cooked and use a microwave or convection oven to re-heat them.

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  1. I remember when those breakfast sandwiches were as big as a Carl's Jr. burger. They were delicious and very filling. The sandwiches now are such a disappointment. Back in the day, they were the reason to get up early on weekends. Now, I'd rather just sleep in.


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