Mar 23, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Hong Kong Offers Spicy-themed Menu

If you find McDonald's Hot 'n Spicy McChicken isn't quite spicy enough for you, you might want to get yourself to Hong Kong, where McDonald's is currently offering the limited-time Spicy Sensations menu.

The menu features a staggered rollout of four sandwiches as well as a themed side and drink.

Currently available are the McCurry and Mega McCurry.

The McCurry features a quarter pound beef patty covered in a slight sweet, spicy curry sauce and served in a sesame bun with diced onions. The curry sauce counts turmeric, chili, cloves, and black pepper among its ingredients.

The Mega McCurry doubles your pleasure with another curry sauce covered beef patty.

Price is $17.60 HK (~$2.27 US) for the McCurry and $23.60 HK (~$3.04 US) for the Mega version.

The next sandwich on offer is the Korean McSpicy, which makes its appearance starting March 25. The sandwich comes with a crispy fried chicken filet, lettuce, and a spicy chili sauce (looks like gochujang ie. Korean hot pepper paste), on a sesame bun.

Starting on April 4, McDonald's Hong Kong will offer the Wasabi Sakana Supreme. This sandwich features an extra-long Filet-O-Fish patty with American cheese, lettuce, and a spicy wasabi sauce on a long sesame bun.

For a side, the menu features a hot and sour kick with Pickled Chili McWings. The fried chicken wings can be bought in 2-piece orders for $11.00 HK (~$1.42 US) or discounted to $9.50 HK (~$1.22 US), if added to a meal.

Finally, to cool your burning tongue, McDonald's offers Iced Fresh Lemon Tea.

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  1. Why does this look more delicious than anything we have in the US


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