Mar 30, 2013

What's on the Menu: Domino's Pizza Nigeria

Nigeria is probably best known here in the US as that place where someone has a million dollars to give you, but needs some of your money to get it i.e. it's known for email scams. But did you know that you can get bananas on your pizza at Domino's there? Me neither.

Let's take a look at what's on the menu at Domino's in Nigeria...

First, there's the Tropical Pizza, which was introduced last year. It's most notable for being topped with bananas. Along for the ride are Philly steak, mushrooms, and red chilies. Like here in the US, you can rate Domino's menu items on their website. The Tropical Pizza is not rated so well with only about 2.25 stars (out of five).

There's also a Hot Veggie pizza with onion, green pepper, banana, red chilies, and tomatoes. It's rated a little less than 3 stars. Looks like banana is not such a hot topping.

While there's your pizza standard meats like pepperoni and sausage, for more localized fare, there's West African suya and the Suya pizza. It's similar to shish kebabs and available at Domino's made with either spice-rubbed beef or chicken. It's rated quite well with a solid 4 stars.

A less stellar localized pizza is the Chicken Jollof pizza with only 2.5 stars. Jollof rice is a flavored rice dish that seems similar to jambalaya and paella, but originates from West Africa. The Chicken Jollof pizza comes with grilled chicken breast, Jollof rice, onion, and red chilies. Jollof rice is also available as a side.

The other thing you can get at Domino's Nigeria that you can't order in the US is beer. Specifically, you can order Guinness and Harp. Both command nearly a 4 star rating. Looks like Nigerians enjoy their Irish beers.

That's it for What's on the Menu: Domino's Pizza Nigeria. Till next time...


  1. Banana and rice on top of pizza... so odd. Also, the Irish beer is kind of unexpected.

  2. Most likely those are sliced plantains, not bananas.


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