Mar 16, 2013

McDonald's Offers Golden Corn Nuggets in Germany

Apparently, McDonald's has been offering limited-time Golden Corn Nuggets in Germany as part of a, get this, Stars of America menu... I guess because we grow a lot of corn? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine on this one... It really makes you wonder how they view American cuisine abroad.

The Golden Corn Nuggets appear to be a vegetarian substitute for chicken nuggets and are made with sweet corn and cheese coated with corn flakes.

They're pretty pricey for nuggets; this video review I found puts them at 2.49 Euros (~$3.25 US) for 5 nuggets. In both the pictures and the video, they look really dry and not at all appetizing. The review describes them as "sweet, spicy... a little bit cheesy," and ends up rating it them a "win," so I guess it can't be all the bad.

American-themed menus are a frequent limited-time offering for McDonald's in quite a few countries abroad and this version has been available since January.

The rest of the menu looks normal enough and features a couple of burgers, a chicken bagel sandwich, a Caesar snack salad, and Caesar parmesan dressing.


  1. Those look like something you would find at a vegan restaurant. They do not look that appetizing to me.

  2. Apparently these exist in Southern United States. I'm in Germany now and someone from Texas said they are the same but with a Curry flavor as well.


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