Mar 22, 2013

News: Starbucks Expands My Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program

Starbucks plans to expand their My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program to encompass their other brands and to include purchases at other point-of-sale outlets. Specifically, the company will soon reward customers with "Stars" for grocery store purchases of Starbucks products as well as for purchases at Teavana stores, which are owned by Starbucks.

"Stars" are the basis for Starbucks' reward program and are earned when members use their loyalty card to make qualified purchases. After a specified amount of "Stars" are earned, participants can redeem them for free food or drink at Starbucks stores.

Beginning in April, Starbucks cards and the loyalty program will be valid across several of the company's brands, including Teavana, which will allow reward members to earn "Stars" on their Teavana purchases.

Starting in May, program members will be able to earn "Stars" on purchases of Starbucks packaged coffee at grocery stores. Then, this fall, the company intends to expand the program to include other Starbucks products sold at grocery stores.

The changes are expected to double My Starbucks Rewards membership from 4.5 million (as of October 2012) to 9 million by the end of this year.

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