May 17, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Arabia Offers "The French" Burger

Offering a "taste of the world" is a common promotion for McDonald's. Not in the US, but globally, menus, or menu items, inspired by other locales and countries seem to pop up quite a lot. Currently, McDonald's Arabia is offering "The French," which is a hamburger patty in a black pepper sauce (like a pan sauce maybe?), served simply with slivered onions on a bun. I think they're going to a steak au poivre kind of feel.

Previously, McDonald's Arabia offered similarly-themed burgers with names like "The Asian," "The Mexican," and "The Turkish."

The ad continues a motif of using dubbed-over scenes from movies with this remake of a scene from The Pink Panther with Inspector Jacques Clouseau:

You can check out the original scene here with Peter Sellers as the Inspector:

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