May 19, 2013

News: Sonic - 50 Cent Corn Dogs to Mark the End of School Year

Sonic is celebrating National End of School Day, this Thursday, May 23, by offering their Corn Dogs for 50 cents each all day long, on the day.

Sonic's Corn Dogs feature a hot dog dipped in sweet corn battered and then deep-fried until crispy and browned.

The offer is good at participating locations. Sonic last offered this Corn Dogs at 50 cents each last year during Halloween.


  1. Has anyone ever tried one? Do they taste like typical freezer corn dogs, or more like the fresh deliciousness of Hot Dog on A Stick?

  2. they taste like typical freezer corn dogs, but for the price i'll still get a few.

  3. Why is national end of school day for sonic like a month earlier than grade schools, middle and high schools but like 3 weeks after colleges?


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