May 18, 2013

Review: Corner Bakery - Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Asian Wonton Salad

I got half a Corner Bakery's Chicken Pesto Sandwich and side Asian Wonton Salad as a Corner Combo where you can mix and match sandwiches, salads, and soups to create your own combo.

The price came out to $7.99.

The Chicken Pesto comes on ciabatta ficelle with all-natural roasted chicken, arugula, tomatoes, sweet and spicy vinaigrette and pesto mayo. It comes with a pickle wedge to help cleanse the palate.

The chicken was tender, juicy, and flavorful. The bread was soft and fairly standard. The vinaigrette adds a burst of flavor but the pesto mayo was a bit lacking. I was hoping for more pesto flavor and it ended up tasting more like a well-made ordinary chicken sandwich rather than a chicken pesto sandwich.

The Asian Wonton Salad comes with all-natural roasted chicken, edamame (soy beans), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell peppers, carrots, green onions, cilantro, crispy wonton strips, mixed greens, cabbage, and ginger soy dressing.

There was a lot going on with the salad; it was fresh and sported quite a few flavors and textures with all the ingredients in the mix. Among the stronger flavors was the cilantro, which may be off-putting for some. The ginger soy dressing was very ginger-y, but I liked the overall effect of it and I enjoyed the salad very much.

Overall, the Chicken Pesto sandwich was good, but misses on the pesto front. The Asian Wonton Salad was excellent with a distinguished mix of flavors and textures that worked really well together.

Nutritional Info - Corner Bakery Chicken Pesto Half Sandwich
Calories - 340 (from Fat - 110)
Fat - 12g  (Saturated Fat - 3)
Sodium - 890mg
Carbs - 37g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 20g

Nutritional Info - Corner Bakery Cafe Asian Wonton Salad - Combo Size
Calories - 270 (from Fat - 70)
Fat - 8g  (Saturated Fat - .5)
Sodium - 960mg
Carbs - 33g (Sugar - 14g)
Protein - 20g

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